Using a Tube Amp in the Best Way

The amplifier is one of the most important parts of playing the electric guitar, and just as important as the guitar itself.  It is the one thing which helps to get your musical ideas and cool solos from inside of your head to the ears and minds of your audience.  It completes the experience, and together with your guitar and effects, forms one part of the whole instrument.


Because of the importance of the tube amp to your playing, it is advisable to really take the time to set it up to achieve the best tone you can, before you start to play a gig. This means that the EQ levels (usually bass, middle and treble) should be well balanced for the genre of music that you will be playing, and that the gain and volume levels are set to an appropriate level in relation to each other, so that your guitar amps responds in the best possible way to changes from your effects pedals.


If your guitar amps are high wattage with a substantial amount of headroom, it will overdrive at a different level compared with a smaller low watt amplifier, and so this is an important thing to check out and make sure you get right before the gig. Very few things look less professional onstage than clicking on overdrive pedals, only to immediately have to bend over and adjust the knobs to how you really need them.